Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Starman Movie

Starman MovieA rumor about a live action Starman movie surfaced online a few weeks ago. Starman is a DC Comics superhero. There have been many avatars of the character since its first appearance in 1941. Unfortunately the rumor doesn't tell what version of Starman the film would be based on. Warner Bros and DC comics have since denied that there's any movie adaptation of Starman...

But since Marvel is planning movies based on some of its lesser-known properties, I guess DC Comics doesn't want to be left behind and is also considering the same thing. Well, they still have to officially announce their Justice League movie first. But as soon as the Justice League movie is confirmed, I think they'll start announcing movies based on lesser known DC Comics superheroes like Starman.

So if you're fan of Starman, whatever version, there still hope for a Starman movie to be developed, not in a near future though...

I must admit that I am not much familiar with Starman... So what version of Starman would be the best for a movie?